Name: Charles D. Marsh

Age: 17

Charles, or Charlie, is a very energetic young man who enjoys
hunting ghosts in his spare time. He is pretty bright, but at the
same time a little oblivious. He never noticed, though.

Name: Gary Mania

Age: Around 45?

Mr. Mania is the first (and only) supernatural being Charlie found,
except he isn't supernatural at all. Or maybe he is? It's a bit
complicated. Nobody really knows if he's crazy or not. (Usually
seen wearing a top hat)

Name: Angelina Marsh

Age: 26

Angel is Charlie's older sister. She is really overprotective, but it's
probably because she is also his legal guardian. She has a strong attitude,
and you probably don't want to get in her way.

Name: Dark Adams

Age: 27

He rents a room in Charlie and Angel's house. He doesn't talk, and he
has a weird name. He might seem mysterious, but he really isn't. He also
has a pet mouse Named Jenny.

Name: Shadows (provided by Mr. Mania)

Age: The same age as the sun

Shadows is the creator of the universe, according to Mr. Mania. It seems
to be true at this point. So far Mr. Mania has referred to Shadows as 'he'
but it doesn't really have a gender.

Name: Doctor S. Litscher

Age: 23

Doctor Litscher is also known as Z when he isn’t working (he hates his name
with a burning passion). He is very rude to pretty much everybody and his default
emotion is anger. He’s also British.

Name: Calvin Hugins

Age: 25

Calvin is Z's best friend, and also a journalist, soon to be a published author.
He will do anything for his little bro Z, and he often ditches his girlfriends to
hang with him when he's down.

Name: Gabriel Maine

Age: 35(deceased)

Gabriel Maine is a famous scientist who sadly died in an accident while performing
an experiment. He is has done many memorable things, but is mostly remembered for
proving the fact that Earth is flat.