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June 18th, 2012, 12:22 pm

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Reply SketchJelly, June 18th, 2012, 12:22 pm

I had to study, so there aren't a lot of backgrounds, haha.
Okay, this might not seem like it, but this is basically the most important page yet. Why? Because it is point of no return now. Mr. Mania could have let Charlie be in the belief of all this being a story (I wonder if it is, haha, Mr. M obviously doesn't think so), but he decides to tell him more, and sure it was a hard decision, he has been alone with this (presumably) information for so long now, and finally he found someone who might be able to help him, so he went for it.
Oh, and by the way; Charlie isn't stupid, how many of you would believe this to be reality? x)

That is probably the most I serious comment I have written for a page yet, haha.

Have a nice day!

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Reply The Orange Cow, June 18th, 2012, 6:36 pm

Kids these days.

Reply Frostwings, June 18th, 2012, 8:25 pm

You know, everytime you update it's like puppies and rainbows for me. PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE <3

Reply SketchJelly, June 19th, 2012, 9:35 am

@Frostwings: Aw, this made me a wobbly happy jellyfish, you are too sweet <3<3<3

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